New Video Blog is Available!

A few months ago we recorded a new video blog and have finally gotten it ready to be released.  This one took a little bit of time in the post processing to get it ready.

We partnered again with Rebel Wire to demonstrate the install of their dash harness. This one also used Josh’s truck again (if you remember our alternator install).  I also got to visit in person with the guys at Rebel Wire while in Louisville, KY for the NSRA Nationals.  Bob and Jeremy are great guys to work with and know their stuff when it comes to these wiring harnesses.  I know that we will be having some more install videos coming in the future, so stay tuned for those!

StillKruzn – Video Blog #5

This video blog took us to Searcy, AR for the Hop II car show hosted by the Dirt Road Car Club.  A good mix of cars were present, including a 1924 Model TT delivery.  What a cool truck.


This blog turned out longer than I wanted and I thought about splitting it up into 2 parts, but was a little far into the editing by the time I realized all that.  So I apologize for it’s length and have made a mental note for future videos.


To view this episode, click here…  Enjoy!

StillKruzn – Video Blog #3

Today’s subject is car show flyers.  Just a little bit of information that I have learned over the years about what needs to be on a flyer.   Some clubs/people do a great job and others lack a little bit, and this is just a reminder for us all of what needs to be on there.  Now, this is just my opinion, and probably doesn’t contain everything that all of us put on a flyer.  There is no right or wrong way to format a flyer, but they all need the same information.


With that being said, here is the link — StillKruzn – Video Blog #3 – Car Show Flyers

StillKruzn – Video Blog

Well, we are at it again.  Starting out 2014 with something new.  In addition to our event calendar, car show coverage, and other blogging, we are adding a video blog (VLog).  The VLog will be published on our YouTube channel.  Click here to go to our Youtube Channel.


All though we may do some car show coverage in the video blog, most of it will be different topics,  Could be anything from build/install information to just something we want to share about the automotive hobby.  We have a few ideas that we are working on.  As far as a schedule for posting the video blog, we are not set in stone.  We are going to do it as we feel good about what we have recorded and edited.


This is the first episode and is just be rambling about what we have planned for this new venture.  Please excuse the little bit of shakiness and the transitions and I cut a couple of them a little short, I am sure this will improve and I get used to iMovie again.


With all that being said, here is the link to StillKruzn – Video Blog #1 – January 11, 2014.