Where to find StillKruzn online!

I know you have been asking yourself, where all can I find StillKruzn online… Okay, maybe not, but I am going to tell you anyways!

FaceBook – This is probably our most used social media outlet.  It’s where we started and where we are the most comfortable, and it’s where the most followers are.

Twitter – The 2nd most used outlet.  All of our posts on FB and Twitter are cross posted between these 2 platforms.  If you like Twitter more than FB, head on over there and follow us.

Instagram – Probably the least used of the social media and we are going to try and fix that.  If you are an Instagram user and don’t see anything there from us, just keep reminding us.  And as of tonight, Instagram is also setup to cross post to FaceBook and Twitter.

LinkedIn – This is setup not only for the work I do here at StillKruzn, but also with StillKruzn Design and my day job.  So there is a little bit here and the only thing that gets cross posted here is my blog posts.

Periscope – This is new as of this week.  We are just now trying this out and are going to try to broadcast live from this months Friday Night Kruzn which happens on June 19.  If you are on Periscope, search for StillKruzn and follow us.

Website – On our website, you will find all of our blog posts, event calendar, and be able to contact us via email.

Google + – Another not much used place, but it is there and our blog posts go there automatically.

Flickr – we store the majority of our pictures on Flickr.  So if you’d just like to browse through the pics, this where you need to be.

YouTube – Looking for the videos that we have created.  Look no further, head on over to our YouTube Channel and check them out.  You’ll find our virtual car shows, video blogs, and a couple of how to’s.

That’s about it, so if you are looking for us in the world wide web, interwebs, or whatever you might call it, now you know.  See you in the cloud or somewhere down the road!

What I do for my day job…

Some have asked, and probably some have wondered… What do you do for a living.  Well, that’s sometimes a hard question to answer!  I work for a mapping and demographic data company.  My full time gig is to integrate census data into mapping software.  That means that I take the data in the raw for and process into the format that is needed to be able to view in the software.  The mapping software then allows companies (i.e. restaurants, banks, retail stores, etc) to look at an area that they would like to put a new location and determine the demographics of that area.  It can be pretty interesting at times.


I have also started helping with some video recordings when we need it for our website.  The link below is to the first one that I have helped with.  I didn’t do any of the talking on it, but I did edit the screens and recorded/edited the audio.  It’s nothing fancy and there is more work in the near future that I am going to be doing.  Just wanted to add this to my blog and portfolio…


Click here to see the video….


So now, if you have ever wondered what I did when I wasn’t at a car show on the weekend… Now you know.

Useless Information…

  • The Corvette was debuted on January. 17, 1953
  • In 1916, 55% of all cars were Ford Model T’s.
  • The first cars did not have steering wheels. Drivers steered with a lever.
  • The first recorded speeding ticket was issued in 1902
  • The first car radio was invented in 1929
  • The ‘PEANUTS’ (comic strip) characters were first animated in a 1957 commercial for a Ford Fairlane.