Charlie Johnson Memorial Car Show – Heber Springs, AR

Today we made the trip up to Heber Springs for the Charlie Johnson Memorial Car Show.  This little car show provides scholarships that are setup in his name and is an annual event.  It was an awesome day to be driving a hot rod in Arkansas.  The sun was just rising as I was heading north to meet a couple of friends for breakfast.


The rest of the drive was just as good.  The car show had somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 or so cars registered.  Just about anything you wanted to see from street rods, hot rods, to late models and rat rods.  Here are a few teasers and you can click here to see the rest of the pics.


Starbird’s World of Rats & Riches – Fort Smith, AR

Back in September, several of made the trip to Fort Smith for the World of Rats & Riches hosted by Starbird’s. They also host a show in Tulsa every year.  It’s always good to go to a show like this and walk around as most of the cars, we’ve never seen before.  Plus, there is always a car with some history on the floor, whether it’s a tribute car to one that was built in the 60s or the actual car.

Here are a few teasers from the pics that I took at the car show… And here is the link to the rest of the pics…



2019 Cajun Street Rod Nationals – Gonzales, LA

We made the trip to Gonzales, LA for the first ever Cajun Street Rod Nationals a couple weeks back. We had a great time hanging out with some friends and seeing some friends we haven’t seen in a while. That’s the great thing about these shows, is that we have friends all over the country that we only see once or twice a year.

The turnout was good for a first time show, somewhere around 650 cars. There were cars from all over the US, but mostly Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and other surrounding states.</p>

We arrived in Gonzales on Thursday afternoon and got checked into the hotel and registered for the show. That night we went to the fairgrounds for the kick-off party. This was a chance to just visit with some of those friends I mentioned earlier and enjoy some good food. Also had some good food the rest of the week, some red beans, meat pies, and alligator balls….

The rest of the weekend was spent working the safety lanes at the show. Got to see some really cool cars come through for safety inspections and talk to the owners about their cars. That’s the part of the job that I enjoy!

On Sunday morning, it was time to head home and get ready to go back to work. Check this link out for some of the pics from the show. Here are a few teasers…


Frog Follies – August 2014 – Feature Car

I had no idea when I headed out on this trip to Evansville, IN for the Frog Follies that I was even thinking about doing a feature car from the weekend. I hadn’t even been looking for a car to feature, but this one just caught my eye one day as we were hanging out and it drove by the area where we were sitting.


The car is a 1931 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan owned and built by Ben Smith of Evansville. He also owns Smiths Service Center in Evansville and is a 4th generation car guy, and is raising the 5th generation. How cool is that! Smiths Service Center started as a on pump gas station and has evolved into a 16 bay service center.


This isn’t the first hot rod that Ben has built. He has also built 1928 Buick Limo and a 1946 Chevy Truck. This sedan is his third and was a 2014 Street Rodder Top 100 winner.


The unique color is what caught my eye first. The combination of Rescue Green and Deltron Black really work with the style of this car. Rescue Green is a 2008 Jeep color and Ben had some extra gold added to it to make it pop. The paint is the only part of the build the Ben did not do himself. He had an old family friend that used to paint cars handle the job and old school look.


Up front is a deuce shell that has been widened one inch. Behind that is a 1949 flat head with a McCulloch Super Charger, Evans heads, and four inch Mercury crank. The engine also have a converted 327 Chevy harmonic balancer. To finish out the drivetrain, is a T5 4-speed transmission and Ford 9 inch rear end with 3.50 gears.


The car cruises at about 1600 RPM down the highway and gets 20-22 MPG. Not bad for a hot rod.


The suspension is made up of 1935 Ford front suspension with the spring mounted behind the axle and on the rear is a triangulated ladder bar suspension with traverse spring and it rolls on Rally America Jimmy 9s. To stop the sedan, Ben used Buick finned brake drums with Wilson Welding backing plates


The car was chopped 5 1/2 inches and the rear side windows were moved forward and have the same dimensions as a coupe window. The remaining area behind the new windows was filled to give the sedan a unique look. Ben said that when he had his 1928 Buick Limo, he had room for the whole family. After he sold it and built the Chevy truck, there was no longer room for them so he wanted to build a car that there was room for all of them for short trips. He wanted a sedan that didn’t look like one, and I think that he accomplished that. To wrap the exterior up, we move to the back of the car, where he has drenched a pair of 1952 Ford taillights.


The interior of the car is as unique as the outside. Starting with the 1951 Ford dash in which was narrowed to fit the car and the clock that was originally set in the middle of the dash was moved to the left of the steering wheel to house a new tachometer. The steering is done with a 1948 Ford steering wheel and column. Ben lets people know when he is making a turn by the original Yankee turn signal switch.


The upholstery was sewn with a combination of Baseball Glove and Arctic Black vinyl. The seats were donated by a 1967 MG Sprite.


The car will be on display at the 60th annual NHRA US Nationals in Indianapolis, IN in the concourse. Ben has also been invited to display the car at Iron Invasion in Chicago, IL on October 4.


1958 Nomad

Here is a pic that Josh took.  We made a trip to Heber Springs, AR to shoot this car for Spanky’s Hot Rods and Customs.  After Josh processed the pics, they were picked up by a couple of vendors.  Various pictures of this car have been used by Steele Rubber Products, Billet Specialties, and Hot Rod and Restoration magazine did a piece on it.  It is always a pleasure to work with Mike at Spanky’s Hot Rods and Customs.


Oh… and great job Josh on these pictures!!



Iron Horse Coach Company

We stopped by the Hogs and Hot Rods show at the Harley Dealer the other day after our car show.  Walking around looking at some of the bikes and the cars, we come up on something very interesting.  A 19th century styled  hearse trailer coach drawn by a 2010 Harley Davidson Street Glide Trike.


Got to talking to the owner of for a bit, and he is licensed by the state of Arkansas as a transporter.  The coach has been used to transport several fallen soldiers to their final resting place among others.  Now, I don’t mean to sound morbid or anything, but this is really cool to me and something that makes someones last trip very memorable and personal.


Here are a few pics of the coach.

Here is a link to their website and Facebook page.  Check them out.


Now this has gotten me to thinking.  Wouldn’t it also be cool if they had an old hot rod to pull this coach also for some of hot rodder’s out there.  I know that I would be up for pulling it with my car if someone requested it.  Just a thought!

1915 Dodge Bros. Touring Car

I got the opportunity to go take a look at a 1915 Dodge Bros car.  You don’t see to many cars like this and this one has some history to it.  This car has some history behind it also.  It was one of the first cars to be used in U.S. Combat operations and was used by General John J. Pershing, who led 12,000 American troops in search Pancho Villa.  The car was restored by Jack Thomas of Mountain View, Ar.

The car will be on display in MacArthur Park November 15th as part of the special events commemorating the Mexico 2010 project and the 100th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution.  From more information on this, go to