February 2016


Annual Statewide Car Club Meeting

Just a quick note to thank everyone for attending the Statewide Car Club Meeting.  We had a great turnout and a lot of shows represented.  

I have all the shows that were represented at the meeting now listed on the website.  Take a look at the list (which is downloadable in PDF format) and make sure your show is listed.  If it is not listed, it is because I didn't have a flyer.  If you will send a copy of flyer to events@stillkruzn.com, I will get it added as soon as I can.

I will also list cruise nights and car club meetings if you send the information to the same email address.  

Please make sure that you send me an address, contact information, date/time information.  You will notice that there is some information missing from some of the car shows.  There were several flyers that I couldn't find contact information on.

Also, below are our Facebook and Twitter links.  Be sure to follow us on social media.

Again, thanks for attending and be sure to mark February 10, 2018 on your calendar for next year!



Event Calendar

Don't forget to check out the calendar on StillKruzn.com for local events.  If you don't see your event on the calendar, please send us an email at events@stillkruzn.com and we will get it loaded as soon as possible.  

Be sure to include the date/time of event, location, and contact information!

The calendar can be viewed by clicking here.


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